Afterlife is the place believed to be inhabited by deceased people.


Amulet is a kind of protective charm or ornament, often having magical symbols, worn for protection against, negative influences, evil spirits, and the supernatural.


Angel is a divine and supernatural messenger from a deity, or other divine entity.


Anomaly is a deviation from the rule or from what is regarded as normal.


Apparition is an image of a ghost or spirit whose appearance can be identified as either human, animal or thing.


Apport is the unusual transference of an object from one place to another, or an appearance of an object from an unknown source that is often associated with paranormal activity.


Astral Plane is a supernatural plane of existence, proposed by esoteric philosophies, some religious teachings, and New Age thought.


Astral Body is a ghost-like replica of one’s physical body which is capable of travelling to another place or another realm of existence.


Automatic Writing is a form of writing claimed not to come from the conscious thoughts of the writer, but from a ghost or spirit. This is sometimes performed in a trance.


Banshee is a female spirit from Irish folklore that usually takes the form of a woman whose mournful wailing warns of an impending death.


Clairvoyance is the power to see into the future.


Cold Spot is a small area of localized cold air that is believed to a connection with paranormal activity. The theory is that a spirit or ghost is trying to manifest itself to be visible by drawing energy from its surroundings leaving an area of cold air.


Demon is an evil spirit or devil that has not walked the earth. Its intention is to torment and cause pain and suffering to its victims. It can do this by physical means, such as scratching, hitting, or pushing, and in some cases take possession of a living body. They can only be exorcised out by a priest, shaman, or demonologist


Demonic Haunting is a type of haunting that is rare. It usually involves a demon and not a spirit. A heavy feeling in the air along with foul odours is usually noticed. The demon is able to move large heavy objects and tries to cause physical harm to the living.


Demonology is the study of demons or the beliefs about demons.


Doppelganger is a ghost double of a living person.


Dowsing is a technique involving divining rods or a crystal pendulum in an attempt to locate underground water, buried metals or ores, gemstones, oil, ghosts and many other objects and materials.


Ectoplasm is a misty or fog-like substance associated with the formation of spirits. It occasionally shows up in photographs but is not seen when the photograph was taken.


EMF (Electro-Magnetic Field) is a combination of an electric field and a magnetic field found naturally occurring on earth. Many things can cause disturbances in this field (e.g. power lines, Wi-Fi signals, electrical power panels, cell phones etc.).


Entity is a term used to describe people or energy with intelligence such as ghosts.


ESP (Extrasensory Perception) is sometimes referred to as the sixth sense, is when one has the ability to collect information using only the mind.
EVP (Electrical Voice Phenomenon) is an auditory disembodied voice or sound that is captured onto a recording device such as a digital voice recorder. This is one of the most common procedures used during ghost hunting investigations.


Exorcism is a ceremony performed to rid a person or place that is believed to be possessed by an evil spirit.


Exorcist is a person that has the ability to force out evil spirits from someone or some place. They are usually priests, nuns, monks, shamans, or demonologists.


Ghost is the spirit or soul of a person or that of an animal that has died, which can be appear to the living in visible form.


Ghost Hunter is a person who investigates areas suspected of paranormal activity.


Haunted / Haunting is a place where paranormal activity has been reported to occur multiple times over an extended period of time.


Intelligent Haunting is a haunting where the spirit or entity is aware of the living world surrounding it. The spirit will usually try to communicate with the living by either making sounds, like talking or making banging noises, or by moving inanimate objects like toys or furniture.


Malevolent Entities are evil spirits that harbor malice or ill-will to the living.


Manifestation is the action of a spirit when they are becoming visible.


Medium is a person who can communicate with the dead.


Near-Death Experience is an unusual experience where a person is close to death or has died for a short period of time, in which the person feels as if they have left their body and then recounts the experience after they have recovered.


Necromancer is a person who is able to communicate with the dead in order to gain information about the future.


Orbs are spherical shaped balls of light that vary in size and colour. Orbs are believed to the true form of the spirits or souls of individuals that have died. A true orb will create and emit its own light. Many people who believe to have captured photographs or video of orbs are mistaken, as these orb-like objects usually turn out to be dust, rain, snow, reflections, or insects.


Omen is a foretelling of either a good or evil event.


Oracle is a person who acts as a medium that can communicate with a deity.


Ouija Board is a flat board used to communicate with the dead. It has the alphabet, the numbers 0-9, and other various symbols. It uses a planchette that slides on over the various symbols to spell out messages from the spirit world.


Paranormal is any phenomena that cannot be explained by scientific explanation or normal human experiences.


Planchette is a triangular shaped pointer with a hole cut through it. It is used in conjunction with the Ouija Board to communicate with spirits.


Poltergeist is a term originating from the German language that translates to “Noisy Ghost”. Examples of this type of activity can be loud noises such as bangs, and knocks, objects being moved or levitated, or interactions with the living like hitting, tripping or the pulling of hair.


Possession is when a spirit or demon entity takes control over a human body.


Precognition is the foreseeing of future events, especially a paranormal event.


Psychic is a person who claims to use ESP to gain information about future events or the ability to know what someone is thinking.


Psychokinesis / PK is the ability to move or deform objects with the only using the power from the mind.


Purgatory is the place in the Roman Catholic teachings, where the souls of the dead must go to be cleansed of all their sins before being allowed into Heaven.


Reincarnation is a belief that the soul, once a person has died, returns to a new body.


Residual Haunting is a haunting where the spirit has no awareness to its surroundings. It usually results from a traumatic or stressful event like a murder or suicide. The event is imprinted to its surroundings and is repeated over and over, like a broken record.


Séance is a meeting of a group of people, led by a medium, with the intent of communicating with the dead.


Sensitive refers to a person who can detect the presence of paranormal energy without the use of their five senses.


Shaman is someone who is believed in some cultures as having magical powers to cure illness, communicate with spirits or to control the future.


Sixth Sense is an extra sense like intuition or clairvoyance that is not related to the other five senses. It is a common term used for ESP.


Smudging is a traditional Native North American ritual cleansing of the mind, body and spirit. Traditionally, sacred herbs are burned to make smoke during the ritual; today incense is more commonly used. This ritual is also used to rid an area of evil spirits or negative energy.


Spirit Guide is term used when a spirit remains with an individual to act as a guide in their life, or as a protector to an individual.


Spirit Photography is a type of photography where one captures an image of a face or shadow in the photograph believed to be of a dead person.


Spiritualism is a belief where the spirits of the dead can communicate with the living, especially through mediums.


Supernatural is an event or a manifestation that occurs out of the realm of the known forces of nature or scientific understanding.


Table-Tipping is type of séance where a group of people sit around a small table and lightly place their hands on it. They then ask a spirit to communicate with them by manipulating or levitating the table.


Telekinesis is the ability of a person to move or displace an object without any physical means.


Telepathy is a way of communicating from one person’s mind, to that of another person’s mind without the use any of the other five senses.


Transmigration is a belief of the movement a soul from one body to a different body through the process of reincarnation.


Vortex is a conical-shaped image that sometimes shows up on pictures. It is believed to coincide with spirit energy.


White-Noise is the “sh” sound made when a television or radio is not receiving a signal. It has been theorized that spirits are able to verbally communicate more clearly through these types of devices.

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